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Looking Ahead

I can picture it now. Duck Sauce’s Barbara Streisand song will be playing in the back ground but instead of it saying “Barbara Streisand” over and over it will say Subplot Studio. Why? Because Subplot will have just sold their 1,000,000 poster marking a successful and fruitful career that they started back in the olden day of August 22nd, 2011. Jimmy’s assistant will call Jimmy to alert him of the milestone they have just reached and Jimmy will probably sneeze before he starts jumping in the air to celebrate his excitement. Jimmy will then call Brian immediately to let him know the good news. Brian will answer the phone in a British accent that he has picked up over the last couple of years for no apparent reason rather than he just felt like it. As the two share in their overall joy, they start planning for the major rager they are about to throw. They decide to pull out all the stops. Go big or go home becomes their motto for the rest of the day. They call all their families and friends and most importantly their high valued interns to alert them to drop all their plans for that night because things are about to get crazzzzy.

They decide the location of the party will be none other than the classiest place in San Luis Obispo: The Madonna Inn. They try to reserve an area for the party to be held but to no avail because it has been reserved for high school students prom night. Fail. Epic fail. Oh well, Jimmy and Brian in turn decide to have the party at Brian’s mansion up in the San Luis Obispo hills. They realize it’s the perfect place because if anything gets too out of control the cops won’t hear a thing. Brian has no neighbors and his house is very secluded because of his celebrity status since launching Subplot.

With almost no time before everyone arrives Brian makes a phone call to one of his previous interns, Nicole, asking her to bring as much Opolo wine as possible. When she gets the phone call she reminds Brian for the last time that she doesn’t work at Opolo anymore and hasn’t for the past five years. Disappointed Brian decides to buy copious amounts of champagne and beer to make up for not having Opolo wine at the party.

When the guests arrive they are greeted by Jimmy and Brian. Jimmy is dressed in a nice suit and Brian is in pleather black pants with a patterned shirt that has some kind of comic hero on it. Pretty standard. Everyone is thrilled for Brian and Jimmy because they know they have worked incredibly hard and that they deserve all the success in the world. In a act of appreciation for all the support they have received, the two decide to put on a show for their guests. No one is shocked when they dim the lights and whip out their glow in the dark juggling balls. In the past five years both Jimmy and Brian have enrolled in professional juggling classes after failing to effectively teach themselves. Brian additionally earned himself a certificate as a professional fire blower. While Jimmy juggles the balls with a blindfold on, Brian blows fire through the open spaces where the balls are not. Everyone is impressed. Except for Ryan Miller who instead shoots at them with his Nerf gun to try and mess them up. After their performance, everyone eats cheese and crackers and drinks a lot while Brian turns on a weird Pandora station that no one has ever heard of. Regardless everyone dances and has a good ol’ time.

Amid all the laughter and drunken conversations there is a ring from the door bell. As the room falls silent, suddenly Lady Gaga bursts into the room wearing an entire outfit made out of Subplot Studio posters! Even her shoes are made out of the posters. Holy ****! Things just got real! After reading a blog called Blogaga by one of the interns at Subplot Studio Lady Gaga instantly fell in love with the idea behind Subplot and became one of their main endorsers. Lady Gaga presents Brian and Jimmy with a poster she drew in the limo ride to Brian’s house. She claims it is a self portrait of herself combined with a lion’s body and a sea horses face. Who knows? Brian and Jimmy laugh but accept the “gift.” From there Lady Gaga spices up the party with awesome dance moves that she teaches everyone and by two in the morning everyone is exhausted. Brian’s pleather pants now have a rip in them and Jimmy’s nice suit has a mysterious stain on it. I’m pretty sure you can call that a great night.

I wonder what will happen when they reach 2,000,000?!?! Only time will tell…

Nicole Younger, Marketing Intern

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