Sweeney Todd Poster Design and Logo Pack

Subplot Studio Creative

Sweeney Todd Poster Design

Inspiration for the Sweeney Todd poster design:

When the unjustly imprisoned Sweeney Todd returns to London, he vows revenge upon those who framed him and forms an unlikely partnership with a local pie shop proprietress.

Customize this theatre poster at www.subplotstudio.com

About the artist:

Brad Matsushita loves type, illustration, and searching for the perfect solution. Exploration and intrigue with a touch of obsession are the forces that help him strive to become a better designer. Current infatuations include hand-drawn custom typography, retro and urban illustration, and minimal color palettes. He firmly believes multi-media and non-digital approaches will always be important, and beauty and functionality can come from both.

Explore more of Brad’s work at www.bradmatsushita.com

Interested in submitting artwork?

If you’re an artist, designer, illustrator or any combination of the three and you’re interested in contributing to our collection, please send us an email and we’ll fill you in on the opportunities that we have available.

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