If you have questions about any of our products or offerings, we’re happy to answer them for you. We’ve put together answers for frequently asked questions, so take a look and if you still have questions, feel free to call us at (805) 996-0808 or email us.

Getting Started
What if I only want the artwork (without customization)?
If you’d like the artwork without customization, you can purchase a Design Bundle. A Design Bundle will provide you with the artwork in separate layers so that the title, major design elements, and background can be modified separately.

What is the Design Bundle?
The Design Bundle provides the poster artwork in separate layers so that the title, major design elements, and background can be modified separately. This allows you to reformat the artwork for a variety of uses including print, web, and video.

How long can I use the artwork I’ve purchased?
All artwork is customizable for up to a year from the purchase date or until your license expires. After that, you may continue to use the artwork for archival purposes (ie. on the “past shows” page of your website), but not to promote another production.

Does the artwork come with any terms or restrictions?
There’s really only one. You can use the artwork for up to a year from the purchase date or until your license expires. Other than that, go crazy! You can use the artwork in your season brochures, online and print advertising.

Can I modify the artwork after I purchase it?
Absolutely! You can re-customize any purchased poster as many times as you need to for up to 1 year from the purchase date or until your license has expired.

Can I customize a poster and save it for later?
Yep. Just make sure to create an account at some point, even if you have already started customizing a poster. Look for the “Save for Later” link.

If I get stuck or have a question, can I call customer support?
We’re available 8am – 5pm PST Monday through Friday. Please call (805) 996-0808 or email us.

What if I find a typo on the customized PDF I just purchased?
No worries! Everyone makes mistakes. You can re-customize any purchased poster as many times as you need to for up to 1 year from the purchase date or until your license has expired. Look for your “saved posters” in your account and go from there.

Creating Your Poster
How many times can I customize a poster?
You can re-customize any purchased poster as many times as you need to for up to 1 year from the purchase date or until your license has expired.

How do I add my logo or footer to a design or product?
On the poster customization page, you will find an upload button wherever an image can be placed. From there, follow the upload instructions that appear.

What are some quick guidelines for the logo and footer images?


  • Must be a PNG file (recommended) or JPG file
  • Should be at least 900 pixels wide OR at least 600 pixels tall
  • Can be RGB, CMYK or Grayscale


  • Must be a PNG file or JPG file (recommended)
  • Must be 3375 pixels wide by 638 pixels tall
  • Can be RGB, CMYK or Grayscale

What is the best size and resolution for my logo and footer image?
Logos can be a variety of sizes. But the larger it is, the better it will print. Our system automatically places logos within a specified area that’s approximately 3” wide by 1.5” tall. We recommend that your logo is at least 900 pixels wide or at least 600 pixels tall.

Footers, on the other hand, must exactly fit the required size of 11.25” wide by 2.125” tall. This means your image needs to be 3375 pixels wide by 638 pixels tall. For quality assurance, if you try to upload an image that’s smaller than this or has the wrong dimensions, our system will notify you and ask for a different image. Sound like jibberish? Perhaps we should do this for you! Give us a call at (805) 996-0808.

How do I create a footer image?
The easiest way is to download and use our Footer Template. If you’re not sure how to work with this file, contact us and we’ll create one for you.

What info should go in my footer image?
That’s entirely up to you! A typical footer might include info about your organization such as the organizations name, website address, phone numbers, physical address, and box office hours. It might also include sponsor logos.

What is the “footer caption” used for?
The footer caption is an optional text field that appears at the very bottom of each poster. It accommodates up to two lines of text. This area is reserved for crediting the production’s licensing company as well as any other disclaimer text.

What types of images are supported?
Subplot Studio supports images in JPEG and PNG formats. These formats will produce great results as long as the resolution meets or exceeds our recommendations. We support full transparency for PNG files. This can be especially useful if your organization’s logo is an irregular shape and should print without a surrounding white background.


  • The JPEG format supports millions of colors, which allows for great design flexibility.
  • The JPEG format compresses the image information, keeping file sizes small and reducing upload times.
  • Most design programs can save images in JPEG format.


  • The PNG format includes full alpha transparency support!
  • PNG is a completely lossless compression format.
  • Most graphic design programs (e.g. Photoshop) can create PNG images.

What color profiles should I use?
Any color profile will work. However, we recommend using an sRGB color profile for images. We also support CMYK and Grayscale images.

Our Products
Why can’t I customize certain products?
You might have noticed that several products we offer are NOT customizable at this time. Eventually, this will change. It takes a lot of time to setup each cutomizable product in our system. So while we’re hard at work, we wanted to offer these products as is.

Will you offer different designs for a single production?
Yes. In fact, we already do for a few productions. But our first goal is to create posters for as many different productions as possible. After that, we will start creating alternate designs for a single production.

What if I can’t find a poster for my production?
Then tell us what you’re looking for on the “Request Artwork” page. Your production will be added to our list. If it’s a popular production that we think should be in our collection, we’ll add it to our design production queue. Once a design is ready, we will notify you. If your submitted title isn’t a popular production, we will await further requests until we see enough of a demand to produce it.

Will you notify me when a new poster that I’ve requested is available?
Yes. We will send you an email when a new poster that you’ve requested is available on our website.

Can I order printed posters?
Absolutely! We offer printed posters in three sizes – 11″ x 17″, 22″ x 34″ and 33″ x 51″.

11″ x 17″

  • 25 Posters – $75
  • 50 Posters – $100
  • 100 Posters – $150
  • 250 Posters – $250
  • 500 Posters – $350

22″ x 34″

  • $75 each

33″ x 51″

  • $100 each

Can I have Subplot print posters that our theatre has customized on its own?
Yes. Currently, there’s no automated way of doing this on our website, so just call or email us.

Does the color look good?
The color is amazing and we know you’ll agree. But if for some reason, you’re not satisfied, please let us know and we’ll review the issue. Because we cannot control the color reproduction of a customer’s computer monitor, we cannot guarantee that the actual print color will precisely match any preview as it appears on your monitor. Moreover, Subplot Studio is not responsible for any color issues involving images uploaded by the customer. If we catch a potential problem before the artwork is printed, we will notify you.

Orders & Shipping
Can I order by phone?
Yes. Subplot Studio does accept phone orders. If you need assistance placing your order on the website, please contact our Support Team at (805) 996-0808.

Is it safe to place an order online?
We value your privacy and the need to secure your sensitive information. All of your payment information is collected using the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) to encrypt credit card data and credit card information is not stored on our servers. This provides the greatest degree of protection against the possibility of hacking, but it does mean you will need to enter your payment details each time you check out.

How can I pay?
We currently accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. We can also work with schools to create a purchase order. Please email us or call us at (805) 996-0808 for more information.

Can I change the shipping address for my order?
Yes, just give us a call. If you request an address change within 24 hours of your purchase, then it’s easy. After that, we will inform you of any charges incurred.

How long will it take to receive my order?
At this time, we ship everything via UPS Ground. So please allow 7-12 days for delivery, especially for larger items such as popup banners and large quantities of tshirts. Note that items may be shipped separately.

Where do you ship?
We currently ship to all 50 states, including Alaska and Hawaii.

Can I return a product?
Digital Products: Subplot Studio does not offer refunds on digital products. If a production is cancelled we will give you credit to use for a future production. Please contact us and provide documentation of the cancellation.

Printed Products: Subplot Studio does not offer refunds for purchases of printed products

Your Account
Why should I create an account?
You will need to create an account with us before you can make purchases or download artwork on our site. Your account will also help us answer any questions you might have or provide assistance with artwork.